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OCR or Optical Character Recognition is our preferred method for data capture. An automated process that creates machine readable format out of hard copy text pages. We use a customized system to produce the highest level of accuracy. To further enable us to deliver maximized accuracy levels, a combination of manual and automated processes is engaged to maintain proper quality and also timely delivery.

Data Entry Services:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Excel Sheet Preparation
  • Medical or Industrial Data Entry
  • PDF To Excel or Word Data Entry
  • Image to Excel or Word Data Entry
  • Image Text Editing
  • Online Survey
  • Web Data Migration
  • Web Research and Data Collection
  • Scanning and Optimized images for Web or Printing.
  • Ecommerce or Product Data Entry

The workflow passes through stringent tracking system that track documents and data as they move through the capturing and keying process. This ensures total accountability for every document and data maintaining security to the documents and data simultaneously ensuring that all data is captured accurately since Quality is of great importance to us as much for our clients. We ensure specific check points at each levels created by our experienced programmers for each job. All process are overseen by experienced Team Leaders who are responsible for the final quality assurance of data.

Forms Processing

Data capture is from images or paper forms. Different type of handwriting is not so easy to capture automatically using ICR/OCR. High

We use our high capable capturing tools to get accuracy. Different kinds of data are important to us. That’s why we never capture incorrect data like telephone no, postal code without validate with our modern OCR/ICR.

This way our client can reduce cost and give more attention to their core business. AmparTech is one of the best companies for capturing any kind data from form within regular budget.

If you decided to give us any capturing job, just upload your image/form to secure FTP server, we will download the files and able to deliver soft copy of database within short time.

We have also experience in the following services:ocr-icr-data-capture

– Design of multilevel Form

– Document Management

– Scanning from a Form/image

– Data Capturing as image

– Manual Forms Data Capture

– Document store

– Document recovery

– Database creation/ maintenance

We able to create and edit large volume of database in various file format like Excel, Access, Word, SQL, etc. for Technical specification, Scientific & business database / Indexes, directories, company mailing addresses, client lists, member card or any kind of product catalogues.

Extraction/Maintenance / Validation from the Internet

We will extract data from the web, create a database to your requirement and periodically maintain your database by regular updates. We have considerable experience in any kind of on line data entry.

Maintenance / Validation by calling the customer

We also offer a customer database validation service by having our call center call the customer to verify the accuracy/validity of the database information and clean up your database on a regular basis

A Customer Relations Manager keeps our clients informed of the entire project and keeps it moving as planned. Using our expertise, costing is done on a basis of per record, per image, per page, or per thousand characters. Our Management executives are responsible for providing a framework for obtaining the highest quality information- processing resources and services. Ampar holds client data in the strictest confidence.

We provide comprehensive data conversion services covering a multitude of formats. Our data conversion solutions are ideal for corporations, educational institutions and libraries. The data conversion division is well equipped to handle highly complex publishing solutions such as mathematical and scientific books, journals and newsletters.

We are able to handle large volumes of data conversion projects. Our trained support staff provides quick and accurate data conversion to our clients.